• Humpier x Cala Sweatshirt

      67,15 IVA incluido

      If something is balanced somewhere, or in our mind, it standstill and doesn’t fall, it doesn’t go away…Maintain balance. The spirit of Cala & Humpier

      The model is 1.90m and wears an XL, the model is 1.70m and wears an L.

    • Humpier Eco-Cotton Blue Sweater

      54,40 IVA incluido

      Simple but perfect. Classic but different. We maintain style, same pattern. We play with the fabrics, we alternate color. Timeless and ecological. Eco-cotton sweater (100% organic cotton), perfect for any circumstance, suitable for any situation. A new and different garment, a garment for you. Color Dark Blue Worn.

      The model is 1.85m tall and wears an XL. The model is 1.72m tall and wears an L.

    • Nazca Lines Sweatshirt

      58,65 IVA incluido

      We keep exploring, we keep traveling, we keep adventuring. This time, we flew over the south of Peru. We are travellin in a Cessna 172 plane, flight is taking place over the wonderful Nazca Lines. More than 2,000 years of history. More than 300 hieroglyphics drawn by the Nazca culture representing all kinds of figures. Their Culture and our imagination to create a sustainable and limited edition.

      The model is 1.82m tall and wears an L. The model is 1.72m tall and wears an L.

    • Dash Boys Polo

      42,50 IVA incluido

      A classic that never lets you down. A basic garment in your closet. Our logo, our brand, our iniciative. Be a Dash Boy and leave you mark wherever you go…for the adventurous, we present our Polo Dash Boys.

      The model is 1.86m and is wearing a size XL.


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