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1-Terms of Service

1.1.- User definition.

Access and / or use of the website , hereinafter ” Humpier “ grants the user the condition of the same, accepting from that moment, and without reservation, these General Conditions of Use.

Without prejudice to the regulation contained in these General Conditions of Use, those responsible for Humpier reserve the possibility of establishing Particular Conditions of Use, for the regulation of certain services and / or contents, in which case the users are also bound by the possible Particular Conditions of Use that, where appropriate, were published.

In general, any Internet user has the possibility of accessing the content made available to the public through Humpier, although access to certain services is restricted to registered users, as detailed below.

1.2.- Humpier user account.

Any user who wishes to make use of the restricted services, content and utilities made available to the public through Humpier must register and process the registration on the website, by creating a user account.

Every user who registers with Humpier expressly declares to know, understand and accept these General Conditions of Use, as well such as the Privacy Policy, stating its intention to comply with each and every one of the obligations derived from them.

Registering in Humpier and creating a user account require the user to supply a series of data of a personal nature. The managers of Humpier guarantee that said data will be treated in accordance with current legislation and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy made available to users.

In parallel, the user expressly agrees and undertakes to guarantee the veracity of the data supplied and / or communicated at the time of completing the registration form, or any of the tools through which you provide personal data.

Likewise, the registration procedure and registration as a user in Humpier requires the provision by the user of an access key (password or password), whose purpose is to protect the user’s account against any attempt of unauthorized access to it.

In order to guarantee the privacy and individuality of user accounts, the system will request this key or password as authentication prior to accessing the user’s account and / or additional services.

The user will be solely and exclusively responsible for the custody and custody of their system access codes. Those responsible for Humpier do not assume any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, regarding the custody that the user makes of their identification and authentication keys, of the illegitimate intrusions that could occur in the user account, nor of the uses that These keys are made by a third party, with or without the consent of the user.

The user who wishes to use the sales and e-commerce services that Humpier offers, must be of legal age. Notwithstanding the foregoing, those responsible for Humpier report that it is not possible to control the access of minors to Humpier at all times, being the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians to control and assist minors in browsing the Internet, and not assuming those responsible for Humpier any responsibility for any damage that a minor may suffer as a result of access to content made available to the public through Humpier.

1.3.- Cancellation of the user account.

Every Humpier participant who has a user account, has the possibility to unsubscribe and cancel it, being the procedure enabled for this sending an email with all your data to the Customer Service Department: expressing the will to unsubscribe from the Humpier service and database.

The cancellation of the user account will mean, for the user until then registered, the inability to access their account from the moment of cancellation, as well as the restricted content and services of Humpier.

Similarly, assuming that those responsible for Humpier are aware that a user is carrying out a use of the content and services made available through the website that is inappropriate, illegal or contrary to current regulations and / or these General Conditions of Use, reserves the right to deny access and / or use of Humpier to said user, as well as the possibility of unilaterally canceling your user account, if you have one.

2.- Obligations and responsibility of the users.

2.1.- User obligations.

The user agrees to use Humpier in accordance with the provisions established by current legislation and regulations, in good faith, the public order and generally accepted uses and customs.

The user expressly agrees to make proper use of Humpier and its content, in accordance with the possibilities and services they offer, as well as for the purposes for which they were conceived.

Likewise, the user agrees not to use Humpier, its contents and / or the dissemination tools that it provides available to you for unlawful or illegal purposes, or harmful to the rights and / or interests of Humpier or third parties.

Likewise, the user agrees not to cause damages, damages or deterioration on the software, tools and / or content that they form the basis of the Humpier website and no longer impede its normal operation.

Those responsible for Humpier will not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, derived from the breach of said obligations by users.

2.2.- Responsibility of users.

Each user will be solely and exclusively responsible for the use they make regarding the tools made available through from Humpier.

The user will be solely responsible for the use he makes of Humpier for illegal, illegal or unauthorized purposes. in force, either with or without economic purpose.

The user will assume, in any case, solely and exclusively, the responsibilities of any kind that may arise as a result of the breach of these General Conditions of Use.

Those responsible for Humpier are excluded from any type of liability, whether direct or indirect, for any damage or harm , caused to the user of Humpier and / or a third party, which is caused by the misuse, intentional or not, that the user makes of the contents, tools and utilities made available through this website, or by non-compliance of the present Generals and, where appropriate, of the Particular Conditions, by the user.

3.- Humpier’s responsibility.

The people in charge of Humpier do not assume any responsibility derived from the damages and / or damages of any nature that the user may suffer of the web page, or a third party and that come derivatives of:

– The lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of Humpier, its services or content.

– The fact that a third party, violating the established security measures, uses Humpier, its contents or services, to the remission of viruses or other damages electronically, or carry out unauthorized treatment of the stored data.

– Of no use that, in general, can be done by the user and / or a third party on the Humpier website, of its services, or of the contents made available to the public through them, that is contrary to these General Conditions of Use, to good faith, to morality, to public order, to good customs, or to the provisions established by current regulations.

4.- Third party liability, promotions, discounts, advertising and / or links.

4.1.-Promotional code and active Humpier campaigns.

If any promotional code is available, it will only be validated if the following conditions are met:

  • The discount coupon will be validated only for those items that do not have another type of discount or promotion already active.

  • Discounts and promotional codes will be valid on the days specified by the campaign, both days included. When this period ends, the coupon will be inactive.

  • Club44 discount codes are activated at the moment the confirmation email is sent from and is valid for up to 6 months of use.

4.2.- Links and information supplied by third parties.

Humpier may temporarily or permanently host links, links, and / or hyperlinks that redirect users to others pages or websites.

If they exist, these links, links and / or hyperlinks, will have the sole purpose of facilitating and allowing access to content and / or services that may be of interest to users, the destination pages or websites not being managed or controlled by Humpier managers.

Users are informed that Humpier does not pre-check, endorse, authorize, supervise, or do own the contents, services and any other kind of information provided by third parties, whether they are natural or legal persons, who can be linked or whose access is provided through this website, the relations that maintain or be the sole responsibility of the user. Establish with the persons or entities whose web pages the user visits through said links.

Therefore, Humpier assumes no responsibility, either direct or indirect, for any connections that may be made, or of the contents that are accessed through the aforementioned links, links or hyperlinks, nor does it guarantee the technical availability, legality, veracity, usefulness, quality, reliability, accuracy, correctness or morality of the content, information and / or services accessed through of said links, as long as said content and / or services are not directly managed or controlled by Humpier.

The inclusion of external connections, links or hyperlinks will not imply, in any case, the existence of association, relationship or participation de Humpier with the connected entities or third parties.

The user assumes, under his sole and exclusive responsibility, any damages that may be caused as a result of the use that you make of the web pages linked from the site

4.3.- Advertising.

Humpier may temporarily or permanently host banners, logos, advertisements, or other advertising media, and / or meet sponsored certain content and / or services made available to the public through the website.

In the event of this advertisement or sponsorship, advertisers and sponsors will be solely responsible for ensuring and ensuring that the material advertising complies with each and every one of the legal requirements that may apply.

Those responsible for Humpier take no responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any errors, inaccuracies, wrongdoings and / or irregularities that may be incurred by advertising or sponsor content, made available to the public, where appropriate, through the Humpier website.

The user will be solely and exclusively responsible for all those contractual or extra-contractual relationships that, where appropriate, may engage with advertisers and / or sponsors, as well as participation in contests, promotions or sale of goods and / or services.

In the event of such legal relationships, they will be understood to have been carried out solely and exclusively between the user and the third party, advertiser or sponsor , whether the latter is a natural or legal person, Humpier’s managers not being party to said legal relationship in any case.

4.4.- Humpier x Viaja Wäy Draw

The information, guidelines and details that apply to the draw carried out on September 20, 2020 are detailed below in social networks (Facebook and Instagram) from the profile of @ humpier44 on behalf of HUMPIER non-profit, with the sole objective of growing in visibility and followers in said social networks.

  • The raffle is made from humpier44’s account on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The draw includes 5 winners.
  • The prizes for the raffle are: 5 Humpier X Viaja Wäy t-shirts (Edition: Summer in the town) and Parachute Jump.
  • Parachute jumping is redeemable in any area of ​​Spain where this type of activity is carried out and carried out.
  • Humpier only gives the winner of the raffle the card that makes it possible to carry out said adventure. Humpier ignores any problem at the time the card is delivered. Humpier disregards cancellations, cancellations or problems beyond Humpier’s control and related to the company providing the service: parachute jumping.
  • Humpier only gives away the service and the 5 products to the 5 winners of the raffle. It is not responsible for any additional aspect not detailed above.
  • The duration of the draw is up to 5 days. The winner being indicated on Friday, September 25, 2020.
  • The purpose of the raffle is to make yourself known and reach a greater number of visits on the Humpier44 profile.
  • The information of users collected within the same draw remains in the legal records of the social networks Instagram and Facebook (Facebook group).
  • Humpier has no use other than the username of said participants.
  • In case of being the winner of the raffle, Humpier will contact the same letting him know and indicating guidelines to follow to receive the prize.

5.- Club 44.

Club 44 is an organization formed by a group of non-profit friends, travelers and motivated to share their adventures and cooler experiences with the rest of the people, concerned about the environment, its care and development.

We started out as four and we want to form a great group where people share their photos, achievements, experiences, adventures, coolest and funniest stories and tips to inspire and involve everyone how beautiful our planet is. #JoinTheChange

5.1.-Club 44 Codes and Promotions.

In order to have some kind of discount, corresponding to our Club 44, it is essential to have followed the following steps

  1. Register at

  2. Accept and be a member of Club44.

  3. Being committed to the environment, its sustainability and care.

  4. Send a photo of yourself to with a Humpier product, or only the Humpier product in a special place or doing a different type of activity.

  5. We accept your photo, (sure we will); We send you a discount code so you can use it on your next purchase.

  6. Depending on how cool your photo is, we will give you a discount or another, (from 5% to 15%), our team of travelers will be a jury with your photo!

  7. Humpier reserves the right to value the entry of that code in force.

  8. The codes are personal and are not transferable. Failure to comply with this point supposes the inactivity of the code.

5.2.-Club 44 photos.

Once your photo is submitted to the club, you agree, consent, and allow the Humpier team to use your photo to be published on your Humpier nets, for your personal and commercial use.

If you do not want your photo to be shared or published, please detail in the email where you attach your photo to the address mail

Remember that Club 44 is a non-profit group of travelers and adventurers who are crazy for sharing their experiences and photos more cool wherever they always keep the environment and their care in mind.

6.- Industrial and Intellectual Property.

The ownership of each and every one of the Industrial and Intellectual Property rights of this website, of its designs graphics and the information and codes they contain belongs to those responsible for Humpier, unless expressly indicated by a different ownership.

Likewise, the ownership of the software, the trademarks, trade names, domain names, and any other content that may be applied and / or industrial or commercial application included in this website, belong to those responsible for Humpier, unless expressly indicated by a different ownership.

All those intellectual works, trademarks and other distinctive signs, graphics, texts, logos, icons and, in general, all those signs and / or utilities protected, or likely to be protected by the regulatory laws of Industrial Property and Intellectual Property made available to the public through this website, and whose ownership does not belong to those responsible for Humpier, but Third parties, whether physical or legal, have been included with the express authorization of their legitimate owners.

The fact that Humpier makes available to the public signs and / or utilities that may be protected by Property Law Industrial and Intellectual will not allow to understand, in any case, that any exploitation license is granted, either in whole or in part, without the express written authorization of their owners, whether they are responsible for Humpier, or third parties. , physical or legal.

The user expressly agrees and undertakes to respect each and every one of the Industrial and Intellectual Property rights that protect works , content, trademarks or other distinctive signs and / or domain names, which can be accessed through this website.

The performance by the user of any act of reproduction, distribution, public communication or other forms of putting is expressly prohibited. at disposal, transformation and, in general, any form of exploitation of content and works that the user accesses through this website, either in whole or in part, unless expressly authorized by their legitimate owners and obtained in writing , and / or in cases authorized by law.

7.- Modification of the General Conditions of Use.

Those responsible for Humpier reserve the right to modify, in whole or in part, these General Conditions of Use, including, modifying or eliminating the clauses they deem necessary, without prior notice, and at the time they deem appropriate.

8.- Jurisdiction and applicable jurisdiction.

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, at their choice, for the resolution of conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile.

Humpier, as an established EU trade that enters into online sales and service contracts, offers at this link: EN , the possibility for its users to solve any consumer problem online fairly and effectively, without going to court.


1.- Placing the order.

To place an order in Humpier, the user will need to connect to the web http: //www.humpier .es /, and proceed to register or identify yourself as a user, in accordance with the provisions of section 1 of the General Conditions of Use (“Terms of Service”), filling in at all times the identification or registration form that appears in the store and following the instructions indicated by the website itself.

The validation of the order by the user implies that the user expressly expresses his knowledge of these General Contracting Conditions and the acceptance of the same as the text of the conclusion of the purchase-sale contract. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by Humpier constitutes proof of the set of transactions carried out between those responsible for Humpier and eventual customers.

Once the order process has been completed, and in the shortest possible time, Humpier will send the user a proof of order and purchase, which will be sent to the email address provided by the user at the time of registration and identification at Humpier.

The processing of each order carries with it the costs of handling it (administrative costs and order preparation), not However, handling charges will not be charged for orders of an amount equal to or greater than 44.99 euros, being that orders of less than the aforementioned amount will be increased by handling costs in a variable amount and until the amount is completed before indicated of 44.99 euros.

2.- Availability of the products.

The selection of products offered by Humpier is valid as long as the products are visible on the website and within limits of stock available.

Users are informed that, at the time a product offered by Humpier is out of stock, or temporarily unavailable , will be marked as soon as possible as out of print or unavailable.

Likewise, in the event that at any time there is a stockout or punctual unavailability of an article, those responsible for Humpier will communicate it by mail to the email address of the client whom said situation affects, as soon as possible.

Humpier users and customers are informed that, in the event of a customer ordering multiple items that they present different availabilities, the term for the expedition and shipment will be computed and will be made according to the longest expected delivery.

In exceptional cases, Humpier reserves the right to break down the order, and submit it separately.

3.- Shipping method and terms.

Currently we only ship to Spain (including the Balearic Islands and except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and Portugal (except the Islands Azores and Madeira). Those responsible for Humpier will send the products purchased to the address that the customer has provided when completing their registration and identification with Humpier, or when completing the order and purchase process for the products.

The mode of shipping for orders currently offered by Humpier is as follows:

– Home courier delivery: The home courier delivery service is available for shipments to be made to Spain (peninsula and balearic islands).

To carry out the transport and delivery of goods in this modality, Humpier has chosen the transport company “MRW”, They will deliver the order to the shipping address within a maximum period of 10 days, from the time the purchase process is confirmed, and the payment verified by those responsible for Humpier. Humpier reserves the possibility to change or include other transport operators.

It is reported that transport companies, in general, do not make deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays, since be they national, regional or local. Therefore, if the purchase process is confirmed on Thursday or Friday, the order may be received by the customer on the following Monday or Tuesday, or on the next business day.

The delivery of the merchandise will be made at the address designated by the sender, unless the recipient is repeatedly absent or that due to its weight, volume or functional characteristics of the property do not allow a normal person the aforementioned realization, in which case, prior notice will be made at the street door or at the destination MRW plant.

In the event that the customer detected a problem at the time of delivery of their order (damaged packaging, products deteriorated, lack of products, among others), you must indicate this in writing on the delivery note that will be provided by the carrier, and proceed to notify this to those responsible for Humpier, by sending an email to the following address: Customer Service Department indicating in the subject reference and order number. Humpier will not accept claims for breakage if it is not on the carrier’s delivery note.

4.- Shipping costs.

Currently Humpier ships to the entire Peninsula (inclusive of Portugal)

For shipments included in the Peninsula, shipping costs are free for orders over € 75 (except promotions advertised on the web), if it is lower, the customer must pay a total amount of € 4.95 for the Peninsula and € 9 for Portugal, choosing as standard shipping method. There is the option of express delivery paying 6.95 for the Peninsula.

Shipments to the Balearic Islands will cost € 12.

The delivery time of the product to the customer is between 2 and 3 working days for shipments within the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, 3-7 business days under normal conditions.

Deliveries can be delayed in case of short supply of the chosen product.

Humpier is understood to be exempt from shipping problems or delays in different situations:

  • Problems with delivery locations and zones.

  • Extraordinary situations and times (Black Friday and Christmas).

  • Extraordinary Weather Conditions.

  • Shipping information and wrong contact

The shipping costs will be shown separately before finalizing the purchase, this cost will be added to the final price of the items selected through the Humpier website.

5.- Payment methods.

The payment methods currently offered by Humpier are as follows:

  • Payment by VISA or MASTERCARD card: Payment by VISA or MASTERCARD card will be made according to the established requirements and protocols by the issuing entity of the corresponding credit card, the payment being made according to the conditions established by said entity.

In case the system reported the card denial, the order will be automatically canceled, informing the customer of said cancellation online.

  • Payment via PayPal. Directly to the Humpier account offered at checkout.

  • Payment by Bank Transfer. Indicating the name and surname, as well as the order number. Transfer will be made to the IBAN number indicated below. ES69 0081 0457 8500 0127 6533. The shipment will not proceed until the total amount of the transfer has been received.

Those responsible for Humpier are not responsible for any eventuality that may occur in the credit card payment process , and that comes derived from the own requirements established by the issuing entity of the credit card, or from non-compliance with the requirements established by the international regulations on Electronic Commerce Security.

In this sense, credit card payments that do not meet the requirements established in the previous paragraph will not be accepted, and will be refunded the amount charged, if any, on the original card.

6.- Right of withdrawal.

The user has a period of 20 calendar days from the date of receipt to execute the right of withdrawal, without some penalty (return of some of the garments). These days may be targeted in exceptional circumstances.

In any event, situation or context, changes and returns have a total charge of € 7 Including VAT (Transportation and handling expenses are assumed)

To proceed with the return of the product, the customer must send an email to the address Customer Service Department info @ before the corresponding term expires and wait for the instructions that will be sent to your email address.

In any case, the shipping costs incurred for the purpose of the return will be borne by the user.

The refund of the amounts paid by the customer, including delivery costs, will be made through the means of payment used by the client in the purchase, without undue delay, and, in any case, before 20 calendar days have elapsed from the date on which he informed us of his decision to withdraw.

Humpier managers will refund the price of the product to the customer upon receipt of the returned item within the stipulated deadlines , and checked the status of the product to be returned.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

Products manufactured according to customer specifications or clearly customized , will not admit change or return except those that have manufacturing defects, and meet one of the following points:

  • In case the garment has been tampered with

  • In case the garment has been washed

  • In case the garment emits any kind of odor

Humpier reserves the right to return the chosen garment based on criteria and assessment of the condition of the product.

The return, exchange or withdrawal will be approved once the corresponding quality control has been passed.

For the Facemask Kinda People product: Changes or returns are not accepted for hygiene reasons.

7.- Doubts, requests, complaints, information, contact.

We love to talk to you, we love that you tell us about your adventures, your doubts. We want to help you! You will be assured of a response in less than 48 hours. Write us at

8.- Product guarantee.

The warranty period for the products offered by Humpier is two years following the delivery of the product. The user must report the lack of conformity within two months of becoming aware of it.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, users are informed that this warranty period does not include, in any case, deficiencies of the products that are caused as a consequence of negligence, incorrect uses, improper manipulations, worn materials as a consequence of the misuse and, in general, any other type of non-diligent action on the part of the client regarding the product.

In those cases in which the use of the product guarantee by the customer is justified, Humpier will proceed to replacement of the article, reduction or return, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations on the matter, procedures that will be free for the user.

To make use of the guarantee, the presentation of the proof of purchase is essential. The client must send an email to the address and wait for the instructions that will be sent to your email.

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