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Slide Surely you've been tempted by our Mr. Humpier Coyote T-shirt and if not... I'm sure you've thought about it. thought: You must have thought that this is one of the best sellers of the collection!
And, the truth is that yes, we are very proud of this garment, and above all very excited about the meaning of its origin.

It all started with the first anniversary of Humpier and, together with the idea of thanking the extraordinary launch of our brand, the Challenge that we carried out was born. It is clear to us that a large part of Humpier's success has been practically yours and that is why we started to think about the formula of giving you a part of our project and making you participants in the design of one of our garments.
We launched a challenge, which even exceeded our expectations of participation, as we received more than 200 possible designs for what was going to be the Humpier possible designs for what was to be one of our new garments. After a long joint deliberation of the whole Humpier team, we gave in to Mr. Fernandez's design. Fernandez's design. Much of the success of Mr. Humpier Coyote is due to him and all the participants.

Thanks to you, we are still in the market and we are looking forward to continue growing and creating more and more garments.

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