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01 MAR. 2018
Peru, 7 March 2018. During the journey along the Salkantay route, the idea of investigating the textile world came up, an idea that was motivated by the lack of alternatives of men's fashion.
JAN. 2019
When we returned to Spain, we materialised the ideas that had emerged in Peru. We launched our first garments with very limited resources and great uncertainty, but with enthusiasm and motivation for the project.
The production was a great challenge, and the photography was not far behind...
Today we continue to improve and innovate, and although we don't like to stagnate with our image, we have found an aesthetic line that defines our values.
FEB. 2021
Being aware of the environmental pollution that this industry can generate, at the beginning of 2021 we decided to take action by becoming one of the first Spanish textile brands to neutralise carbon emissions in their collections.
MAY. 2021
One of the biggest qualitative leaps in production was the introduction of long-sleeved T-shirts in our catalogue. An unconventional product for us. An improvement in quality, first of the materials as well as design and pattern.
SEPT. 2021
In September, we’ve developed our largest production of one of the garments with the greatest potential for the brand, the Polo shirt. A risky bet of versatility and timelessness.
OCT. 2021
Hossegor started as an offline action and ended up being one of the best experiences as a team. Inspired by the atmosphere, the WSL panorama gave us the idea of making our own surfboard.
NOV. 2021
Ametsetan Bizitzen.
The documentary that tells the story of Aitor Francesena, "Gallo", one of the most influential personalities of surfing in Spain. Two-time world champion of adapted surfing and pioneer in training great surfers on the competitive scene. A HUMPIER x VESARTE co-production.
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