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Slide CHILLING RIDERS - UNIRAID 2020 Uniraid, a rally for students and from there, Jaime Infante and myself, Alvaro Gonzalez have been in the February 2020 edition representing the team "Chilling riders". We are two friends who are students of Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, who met four years ago at the Deusto College and after forging a great relationship, the fact of living together, apart from creating a great friendship, led to a desire to travel and discover new places and cultures. As soon as we were presented with the idea of this solidarity rally, we didn't hesitate to prepare it and do it.

Uniraid is a rally with a nine-day itinerary through the Moroccan desert in cars over 20 years old and without four-wheel drive. In our case, we did it in a 1990 Peugeot 205 (30 years old), with the aim of delivering a minimum of 40 kg of solidarity material to the desert villages we encountered along the route.
This adventure has the peculiarity of being aimed only at students between 18-28 years of age and what they are looking for with this experience is to increase their capacity for teamwork and self-improvement, as several of the stages are done in autonomy with only a compass and some indications. The whole experience has been broadcast daily through their social networks and in this way they have made any of their followers participate.

The main purpose of this adventure is to transport as much solidarity material as possible and in this way manage to bring smiles to every child they meet along the way.
With this, we would like to thank both Jaime and Álvaro for the help and collaboration of all our sponsors and in particular Humpier, without them none of this would have been possible.
A big hug!

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