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Slide To feel fresh air, pure air. To escape from the noise, from the very different reality we are living. To turn off the mental runaround that crushes us with the uncertainty of tomorrow. Freedom.

In our case it was Andorra, but any place that makes you feel that way is fine. Fortunately, the vast majority of us are aware that our planet is asking for a change of air.

A world that is tired of sustaining us needs us to be more sustainable.

More conscious, more collective, more respectful, less protagonists of our planets. In conclusion, let's escape to reconnect, with ourselves and with our environment.
Being surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers reminds you that each one of us is a tiny part of an incredibly vast, rich and above all very diverse planet, and makes you question the way we are used to live, altering without any control or awareness the way it works, immersed in our little bubble of comfort. ANDORRA: SCAPE TO CONNECT

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