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Slide Ametsetan Bizitzen (living in dreams), tells the story of Aitor Francesena, one of the most influential personalities in the world of surfing in this country, founder of the first improvement school in Spain, one of the best coaches in the world and two-time world champion adapted surfing.

The documentary narrates his life focusing on something essential in our day to day life, something that keeps us and will keep us alive as we grow up but at the same time often goes unnoticed by most people; for Aitor, it is his way of seeing, feeling and living.

Directed, written, recorded and edited by @varrager
PART 01. This project arose after knowing the life of Aitor Francesena. This project arose after knowing the life of Aitor Francesena. One of the most impressive stories we have ever heard. A surfer with saltpeter in his veins, two-time world champion, coach of the best surfers in Europe. PART 02. Seven intense days in Zarautz, recording from dawn until sunset. The sand so frozen that even Aitor was impressed; the water at about 13 degrees and a thermal sensation of 9ºC. PART 03. A VESARTE X HUMPIER PRODUCTION After the emotion of the whole process, it's time to shape it.
Two weeks working after the shoot to square a thick 6 minute sequence and a second block of post production at the end of July, although this could have lasted a lifetime. It is like a house that is never fully furnished.
PART 04. On September 11, 2021, it was presented at "La Cúpula del Milenio", in Valladolid with the help of the Youth Council and the presence of Aitor in front of 300 people. The result was incredible, as Aitor says: "It's time to enjoy the 3 'es':
sacrifice, overcoming and SATISFACTION".
Do you want to see it? Here we leave you links HUMPIER IGTV VARRAGUER

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